Larkspur Herb

The Use of Larkspur Herb

Larkspur is a tall flower and the colours of the flower vary including purple, blue, red, yellow, and white. The petals of the flower grow together forming a spur at the end and thus giving the plant its name, Larkspur. Larkspur is actually classified as a poisonous hardy annual Delphinium More >

Horsetail Tea

The Health Benefits of Consuming Horsetail Tea

Shave grass also known as horsetail is a very popular herb that can be found throughout Europe, Asia and other countries. Historically, the young shoots of this plant were eaten both raw and cooked.


The stems of shave grass have been used medicinally as well and may even be found More >

Chrysanthemum Tea

The Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea is made from chrysanthemum flowers a plant belonging to the Chrysanthemum morifolium species. The tea tastes slightly sweet without adding any sweetener. The colour may vary from a bright golden colour to a little bit green.


Leave 1/3 of the tea in the pot and add some more More >

Brown Rice Tea

The Health Benefits of Brown Rice Tea

Brown rice tea also known as Genmaicha in Japan is a special blend of green tea and roasted brown rice. The health benefits of brown rice tea are comparable to that of green tea. The tea is a fusion of steamed green tea leaves combined with roasted brown rice and More >

Lovage Tea

The Health Benefits of Lovage Tea

Lovage is an herb that has been used for centuries because of its culinary and medicinal properties. A culinary herb used in stock cubes, lovage is also used for treating various digestive, respiratory, and urinary problems, and is generally warming for the circulation. Its tea is known for a number More >

Barley Herb

The Health Benefits of Barley Herb

Barley is a popular plant. The grain of barley is used to make medicine. It is derived from a grass that is commonly seen in temperate regions. The United States, Germany, France, Spain and Canada are extensive cultivators of barley today.


This cereal has a rich, nut-like taste and a More >

Codonopsis Herb

The Health Benefits of Codonopsis Herb

Codonopsis is a perennial herb a genus in the family Campanulaceae. The slightly curved cylindrical root is 1 to 1.7cm in diameter, with a swollen top on the root head, tumour-like stem scars in the majority, cream to greyish brown skin, and vertical and horizontal wrinkles.


Stems are twining, long, and More >

Corydalis Herb

The Health Benefits of Corydalis Herb

Corydalis is a flowering herbal plant that grows in Siberia, Northern China and Japan. People utilize its root extract to alleviate menstrual cramps, chest pain and abdominal pain.


The tuber and root is commonly used to make medicine. It contains analgesic, antispasmodic, sedative, emmenagogue, deobstruent, anti-arrhythmic, bitter, blood stimulant, cardio-protector, More >

Kudzu Herb

The Health Benefits of Kudzu Herb

Kudzu is a climbing, woody or semi-woody, perennial vine that seems to swallow everything it comes in contact with, a plant that belongs to the pea family. The starchy root of kudzu is high in complex carbohydrates; helps balance the acidic nature of many foods, and is soothing and cooling More >

yellow Lily

The Health Benefits of Lily Herb

Lily flower is a trumpet shaped flower that can be found in various colours such as pink, yellow, red and orange and some varieties of lilies are even known to have a deeper colour on their inner petals.


The flowers, bulbs, and roots of the lily are used internally as More >

Croton Herb

The Health Benefits of Croton Herb

Croton is a small tree with spreading branches bearing alternate petiolate leaves which are ovate, acuminate, serrate, smooth, dark green on upper surface paler beneath and furnished with two glands at base that grows throughout China and other parts of Asia.


Croton plant is evergreen tree from 6 to 10 More >