Fenugreek Oil

The Health Benefits of Fenugreek Oil

Fenugreek oil is a waxy liquid cold pressed or steam distilled from the seeds of the trigonella foenum gracecum plant. An oil that is rich in phytic acid, saponins, trigonelline and powerful anti-oxidants.

Fenugreek oil is used as a beauty aid for both the skin and hair. Adding honey not More >


The Health Benefits of Lucuma fruit


Lucuma is a tropical fruit native to the cool highlands of coastal valleys in Peru.  Its tasty flavour and aroma are hard to describe or compare to any other. Some may say it tastes like caramel custard and others a bit like pumpkin. The tree is long lived, evergreen, and More >

Lucuma Oil

The Health Benefits of Lucuma Nut Oil

Lucuma, also called lucmo or eggfruit, is a tree fruit native to the highlands of western Chile, Peru, and southern Ecuador. 

The fruits are ovate and yellow at maturity, with a dry yellow flesh. They can be eaten fresh, but commonly the fruit pulp is dehydrated and used as flavouring in More >

Pomegranate Oil

The Health Benefits of Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate is scientifically called Punica granatum, and is a fruit-bearing shrub or small tree that grows between 16 to 26 feet tall. 

Pomegranate seed oil is cold pressed from the seed of the lovely pomegranate present in the aril of the fruit rich in Omega 5 essential fatty acid; it is the More >

Bacupari Fruit

The Health Benefits of Bacupari Fruit

Bacupari Fruit

Bacupari, scientifically called Garcinia gardneriana, is a fruit that is native to South America known for its pleasant aroma, and taste like sweet custard but a bit acidic with a yellow to orange colour on the outside, inside lays a sweet pulp. Researchers in Brazil has found that the More >

Rambutan Fruit

The Health Benefits of Rambutan Fruit

Rambutan Fruit

Rambutan fruit is a bright red oval fruit covered with soft spines or hairs and having a sub-acid taste and grow in clusters on evergreen trees. Native to Malaysia and Indonesia, rambutan is most commonly eaten out-of-hand after peeling off the husk. But you have to be careful not More >

Bacuri Fruit

The Health Benefits of Bacuri Fruit

Bacuri Fruit

Bacuri (Platonis insignis) is an ornamental tree, 20-40 m (66-133 ft) tall with a cup like an upside down cone. The fruit is the size of an orange but oval, with a thicker skin of a lemon yellow color. Bacuri is native to the Amazonian rain forest, the bacuri More >

Bael Fruit Oil

The Health Benefits of Bael Oil

Bael is n exotic summer fruit that belongs to the same family as orange and is native to India.

The fruit pulp is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, dietary fibres and calcium.

The bael fruit, that can be eaten either fresh or dried, has a smooth shell and tastes to marmalade and More >

Bael Fruit Tea

The Health Benefits of Bael Fruit Herbal Tea

Bael (Aegle marmelos), a fruit that is native to India with lots of health benefits including its tea. Bael fruit has a hard woody shell that can only be cracked using a machete or hammer.  

Bael tea is soothing to the stomach and is commonly used for smooth bowel movement More >

Bael Fruit

The Health Benefits of Consuming Bael Fruit

Bael Fruit

Bael fruit, a smooth woody shell that is so hard it has be cracked open with a hammer and has a green, yellow or green peel. Bael scientifically known as Aegle marmelos is native to India and belongs to the same family as orange, and has now cultivated in More >

Tomato Seed Oil

The Health Benefits of Tomato Seed Oil

Tomato seed oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from tomato seeds, pale yellow oil that is commonly used on salad dressings.

Tomato belongs to the Solanaceae family, oil that is brown in colour with a strong odour.

Numerous researches has shown that the seeds of tomatoes contain essential fatty More >