Slendex women that suffer from a degree of cellulite

Although about 90% of women suffer from some degree of cellulite, we all can’t help but think that the condition is our own fault and we could have done something along the way to prevent it, whether it is the things we eat, the way we sit or maybe the amount of exercise we do.



 Slendex women that suffer from a degree of cellulite

There may have been various myths you may have heard about cellulite over the years some may be true to an extent and some are complete nonsense, below is a list of 10 common myths and facts about cellulite and its treatments.




  1. Men don’t get cellulite. Believe it or not, 10% of men suffer from cellulite.
  2. You must be overweight to have cellulite. Slim women do also suffer from cellulite and some often display the worst cellulite.



  1. Exercise eliminates cellulite.  Cellulite consists of little pockets of herniated fat. When you exercise, it is impossible to restrict your exercise routine so that it burns off only the fat pockets contained in the affected areas.



  1. Liposuction is an effective treatment. Liposuction is not a proven cellulite treatment. However some plastic surgeons and dermatologists have been known to recommend this surgery to help remove cellulite. Some research online does in fact show that Liposuction can actually make cellulite worse.



  1. Creams can effectively treat cellulite. There are several reasons why most creams cannot treat cellulite. Most creams can only treat one component of cellulite – usually the fat component. When trying to remove cellulite you also need to treat the circulation and connective tissues that contribute to cellulite development. When searching for a cellulite treatment, it is important that you find a treatment that can treat all three aspects of cellulite.



  1. Diet will cure cellulite. Although maintaining a healthy diet can prevent cellulite getting worse, diets will not cure cellulite. Women who have lost weight can still gain cellulite. A diet rich in organic foods can prevent cellulite from occurring, and once cellulite has appeared, a diet rich in organic foods can delay the condition. However, dieting won’t completely reverse cellulite.



  1. Tanning will camouflage cellulite. Tanning can make light skin darker, but unfortunately the cellulite will still be visible. Women from the Mediterranean tend to have darker complexions, but their cellulite still remains visible. The same holds true of black women with cellulite. In short, this is a myth.



  1. Saddle bags are a sign of cellulite. By definition, cellulite refers to lumpy, bumpy skin with dimpling. Saddlebags (larger than normal hip and thigh fat) do NOT indicate the presence of cellulite. Many women can have saddlebags but display no signs of cellulite.



  1. Cellulite is hereditary. A woman’s body is designed to develop cellulite under certain conditions. If these conditions are not met, that woman is lucky, and no cellulite will occur. In other words, having a genetic link to cellulite doesn’t mean you are destined to have it.



  1. There is no cure for cellulite.There are various home treatments on the market that can help tackle and remove cellulite, you just need to do your research. It’s not just creams that can help with cellulite. Slendex is a new anti-cellulite crackle mousse that says goodbye to cellulite and helps to leave your skin toned, conditioned and firm.



Cellulite is a condition that requires personal treatment and personal choices that only you can make. Remember that cellulite is a condition that 90% of other women have.. you are not alone!
 Slendex women that suffer from a degree of cellulite