15 Day Diet Plan – Diet Guide

The real meat of Di.et, this comprehensive guide will go over exactly what foods to eat to kickstart your metabolism, the merit of various strategies and approaches you may have come across in the diet industry, and the basic physiology of fat metabolism. Besides, you’ll learn:

  • Little-known strategies to dramatically elevate your fat burning potential that run counter to most of the mainstream diet information out there
  • Why all calories are not created equal
  • Which macronutrient reigns supreme as the “king” of macronutrients for weight loss
  • 9 fat burning superfoods to include in your diet immediately
  • How to prevent dread weight regain forever
  • Specific, meal-by-meal 15-Day plans for meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans

The Diet Guide will tell you exactly what to eat at each and every meal over the course of your 15-Day rapid weight loss journey.

You’ll know how much to eat, AND when to eat it (no guesswork involved).

All you have to do is follow the plan and watch your stubborn body fat melt away.