15 Day Diet Plan – Maintenance Guide

15 Day Diet Plan – Maintenance Guide

Understanding how to maintain your results is a critical element to sustained weight loss and long term happiness.

This could be arguably the most valuable asset of the entire guide set, as you’ll learn how to avoid the numerous pitfalls that await you after you complete the Di.et program. You’ll also discover:

  • How to allow yourself indulgences without “falling off the wagon”
  • Effective accountability strategies that will keep you honest and committed to your goals at all times
  • The role of willpower in weight loss and how you can actually acquire more of it
  • How to recognize the “sweet spot” of lifestyle and diet balance
  • Ways in which you can pursue your goals even further and chase your dreams


When you put together the strategies and tactics included in each of the 5 guides, you have in your hands all the nutrition, exercise, and motivational guidance you need to take control of your weight for good.

You’ll not only be able to blow off those first 15 lb with ease, but keeping it off will be no more than an afterthought – you’ll never struggle with weight loss ever again!