Franklinia alatamaha – Franklin tree

Franklinia alatamaha commonly called Franklin tree is native to the Altamaha River valley in Georgia in the southeastern United States.

It has been extinct in the wild since the early 19th century but survives as a cultivated ornamental tree.

The sole species in this genus is a flowering tree.

The Franklinia alatamaha typically grows as a single-trunk tree with a rounded crown or as a multi-stemmed shrub.


As a single trunk tree, it can grow to 20ft tall or more but is more often seen growing much shorter.

Franklin tree, or best grown in organically rich, medium moisture. Well-drained soils in full sun or part shade.

The tree must have good soil drainage. It is best left undisturbed once planted in the landscape.

It looks pyramidal when young becoming more rounded with age with many thin stems and trunks.

Franklinia alatamaha is best used as a specimen or in borders, to show off its fragrant, white, camellia-like flowers, that bloom from July to late summer.

The bright green foliage turns a vivid orange-red in the fall while some flowers are still in bloom.

Ridged grey bark with prominent vertical white striations adds winter interest.

TheTree typically grows with numerous upright stems.