Magnolia Amoena

The Magnolia amoena is a species of plant in the Magnoliaceae family, which is endemic to China.

It is, threatened by habitat loss.

Magnolia amoena is a deciduous tree growing from 25-40 feet tall.


It has greyish white bark, purplish branches. Flower buds are covered with fine white hairs.

Fragrant, pink flowers are 2 inches across; stamens are purplish red.

Native to the Tienmu Mountains in Zhejiang Province in China, at 2300-3300 feet elevation.

The plant has not been successfully cultivated on a large scale yet.

The meaning of Amoen is beautiful or pleasing; it is an excellent name for this rare shrub relative from the Tienmu Mountains of China.

2inch round seed pods follow the sweet-smelling pink flowers.