Nyssa Aquatica

Nyssa aquatica, commonly known as the water tupelo, cotton gum, wild olive, large tupelo, sourgum, or water-gum, is a large, long-lived tree in the Tupelo genus that grows in swamps and floodplains in the Southeastern United States.

It is, commonly known as ‘Tupelo’ Nyssas originate from both China and the USA.


They have small insignificant greenish male and female flowers on the same tree in summer followed by ovoid blue-black fruits which hang down and contain one stone or seed.

At first glance, the leaves on those small trees grow quite slowly; you might expect them to be evergreen.

However, it is the spectacular autumn colour for which these trees are, grown.

The Chinese Tupelo grows to around 30ft. Its autumn colour is a brilliant mixture of orange red and yellow.

This tree, despite pruning, seems determined to produce more than one leader and is likely to end up as broad as it is tall.