Plagianthus regius

Plagianthus regius or lowland ribbonwood is a tree that is endemic to New Zealand.

Its common name is simply ribbonwood. The Māori name is manatu.

The Plagianthus regius is a medium-sized, wind resistant, spreading tree.

Showy cream flowers on separate male and female trees. Juvenile foliage can be maintained for a dense trimmed hedge.


Fast-growing even on dry exposed sites. Good for shelter or specimen.

It is a tall tree with soft jagged, pointed leaves and long sprays of tiny yellowish flowers and small green fruit that fall as a unit.

Leaves grow to 3-7.5cm long, and much broader at the base – juveniles with tangled twigs bearing shorter rounded leaves with round bottoms.

Plagianthus regius flowers appear in large clusters or panicles at the end of the new growth once the plant is about ten years old.

The flowers commonly appear in May or June but can be earlier.

The panicles contain individual male yellowish-white and female greenish flowers.