Rubus Calophyllus

Rubus calophyllus one of the finest of all Rubus, a medium-sized evergreen arching shrub.

The large deep-green glossy leaves are silvery beneath with many closely spaced parallel veins and could be, likened to an imaginary single leaflet.


It has Claret-red flowers in summer. And best grown with some shelter, and away from freezing easterly winds.

Deciduous – large leaves that are 5-7in long and 2-3in full, coarsely serrated with finely-pointed teeth and prominent veins.

Beautiful foliage with large ovate leaves which are silvery and silky-haired beneath.

Rubus calophyllus is a newly discovered, semi-evergreen with beautiful, pleated leaves up to 30cm long and clusters of red flowers, followed by red fruit.

The plant needs a little moisture.