The Health Benefits of Buffaloberry

Shepherdia also known as buffaloberry is unknown to many, the shrub on which the edible berries grow is native to North America and is found growing on many Indian reservations, land that is unsuitable for most other crops.

The hardy shrubs can grow pretty much anywhere, even in dry environments with poor soil quality.

A member of the Eleagnaceae family, buffaloberry could be the next super food.

Buffaloberry has a bright red colour with a tart flavour, no wonder it’s getting so popular among winemakers.

But when you dry the berry it has a texture similar to a raisin. Its flavour also mellows slightly.

Buffaloberry plants are said to produce red-coloured fruits rich in carotenoid and phenolic antioxidants.


An infusion of the bark from the berry tree can be used as a wash for sore eyes; the fruit juice has been drunk in the treatment of digestive disorders.

It has also been applied externally in the treatment of acne and boils.

The berries are prescribed for lowering down the high blood pressure. Researchers claim they have found the latest super food in early 2014.

It is called a super food because of the content of nutrients in this berry, including alkaline fluid that nourishes the body naturally.

Buffaloberry is also used for treating a number of ailments like tuberculosis, sores, swelling, cuts, arthritis, constipation, venereal diseases, stomach troubles, fevers, acne, boils, stomach cancer, gallstones, body aches and also for gynaecological problems.

There are so many berries in the world,, some still unbeknown to us, buffaloberry was one until you have read this article, it has a lot of health benefits, some not listed, but if you eat it, it is guaranteed to improve your health.

Berries are always known to be good for you and they are popularly used as an ingredient in various foods and juices if you cannot get hold of the berry itself.