was born on the 7 september 2013, it was in a direct response to the need to bring information quickly and accurately to the wider community.  To be able to have a forum whereby not just the editor and creator can have their opinions publish but also to bring information an weight loss, fruits, vegetables, dieting, exercise and opinion to the public.

We are a non-commercial website and will remain so, we have no intentions of undertaking commercial gains or to use any information obtained from other credible website on or for commercial gains.

This blog primarily feature Weight loss, skin care, Teeth Whitening tips and advice, health and living information.  We welcome any comments from the general public so long as they follow the instructions listed below.  You can also e-mail me at: – if you have any ideas that you believe can improve this blog.

This is very important: The rules that govern this site is not debatable and are as follows:
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