Benefits of Keemun Tea‏

Keemun tea, a tea known to have an orchid fragrance that leaves a long lasting impression and is prized for its countless health benefits and is known to be one of China’s favourite black teas.

Keemun tea is a sweet beverage, kind of fruity in flavour, that became known to the world in 1875.

It is a popular tea with a flavour so tasty, you wouldn’t resist, the tea is known to give you a healthy heart, lower cholesterol and blood sugar thus preventing you from diabetes.

This nutritious tea also helps to build muscle and act as a fat burner. Keemun tea contains anti-oxidant and caffeine which aids in the weight loss process along with exercise.

Keemun tea is also known to fight certain cancers, such as lung, skin, prostate and stomach cancer, even good for preventing ovarian cancer in women and improves digestion when consumed after a meal, it is fully fermented, and even though the tea is black many people say its red and it is a great alternative to coffee.


The tea is packed with so many health benefits, that you would want it as a part of your daily diet, the strangest thing about the tea is that it can put you to sleep and wake you as early as possible.

It is also claimed that consuming the tea lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease and prevents heart attack, the great Keemun tea also acts as a sunscreen and is drank without sweeteners in China and is very popular in England.

The tea is known for its natural distinctive flavour that cannot be ignored. If you drink tea because of its health benefits, Keemun tea can be a very good choice. 

Growing up I’ve always heard that herbal medicine is the best to cure any ailments. Have you ever stopped and think why some elderly person’s have lived to over 100 years old?

Back in the days people weren’t used to so many pills that is readily available to us now, old people are use to drinking herbal teas for any sickness which in turn strengthens the immune system among other things, so, we can follow the steps of the elderly for a longer life.