Bee Balm Flower

Bee balm plant is a North American native, thriving in woodland areas. Also known by its botanical name of Monarda, bee balm is very attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Read more >>


Basket of Gold

Aurinia saxatilis is an ornamental plant native to Asia and Europe. The flowers are clear yellow, but the various cultivars produce flowers in white, cream, lemon, peach or gold. Since Read more >>


Baneberry flower

Actaea rubra is a poisonous herbaceous flowering plant in the family Ranunculaceae, native to North America. The leaves are coarsely toothed with deeply lobed margins. Plants commonly have hairy veins Read more >>

Balloon flower

Balloon Flower

Platycodon grandiflorus commonly known as balloon flower, is a species of herbaceous flowering perennial plant of the family Campanulaceae, and the only member of the genus Platycodon. The extracts and Read more >>

Azaleas flower

Azaleas Flower

Azaleas are flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron, according to azalea historian Fred Galle, in the United States, Azalea indica was first introduced to the outdoor landscape in the 1830s Read more >>


Astilbe Flower

Astilbe is a genus of 18 species of rhizomatous flowering plants, belonging to the family Saxifragaceae, native to mountain ravines and woodland in Asia and North America. They are widely Read more >>

Artemisia flower

Artemisia Flower

Artemisia is a large, diverse genus of plants with between 200 and 400 species belonging to the daisy family Asteraceae. Most species have strong aromas and bitter tastes from terpenoids Read more >>

aubrieta deltoidea

Aubrieta Flower

Aubrieta is a genus of about 12 species of flowering plants in the cabbage family Brassicaceae, named after Claude Aubriet, a French flower-painter. Most named garden forms are seedlings probably Read more >>