Evening Primrose Oil And Its Health Benefits‏

Evening primrose oil, as the name suggests is the oil derived from the seed of the evening primrose plant or Oenothera Biennis and is high in essential fatty acids like omega-6 fatty acid and gamma-linolenic acid which is believed to be the active ingredient.

Native to America, evening primrose was originally used by Native Americans to make poultices (a soft heated dressing applied to an inflamed or sore area of the skin) and heal wounds but have been used in recent times for oil production because it contains therapeutic properties.

Evening primrose is a part of the Onagraceae family, its oil is known for its anti-inflammatory  effect and is commonly used to treat joint pains, numbness and tingling in diabetics, alleviate itchiness caused by dermatitis or eczema, treats other skin problems like rosacea and acne.

Evening Primrose Oil

Traditionally, evening primrose is a plant that was used as food and it was used as a medicine as mentioned before by native Americans. Evening primrose oil can be found in the form capsules at supermarkets, drug and health food stores worldwide.

This oil has been used for years in the treatment of eczema and is actually approved for skin disorders, it treats conditions that affect woman especially during menopause like hot flashes and symptoms of menstruation.

It is also known to prevent heart disease osteoporosis, bronchitis, treats acne and rosacea, nourish nails, scalp and hair, treats alcoholism, controls weight, treats multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia.

This miraculous oil treats impotence in men and fertility in women, treats lupus and any conditions related to memory like Alzheimer’s disease, cures upset stomach and helps to control endometriosis.

It must be noted that people who take other medications like blood pressure or blood cholesterol medicines and have any other illnesses must consult a health care provider first  before taking evening primrose oil, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take the herb, even though many pregnant women have used it to start labour, prevent late deliveries or shorten labour but it is not safe.

The oil can also be found as an ingredient in soaps and cosmetics. In ending, evening primrose oil is very essential to be a part of your household medicine cabinet.