Health Benefits of Consuming Medina Tea‏

I was sitting on a bus heading to work while reading the newspaper when I could not help but to eavesdrop on a ‘private’ conversation two middle-aged men.

One was complaining to the other about his sexual performance and how it seems he cannot last longer than 5 minutes – a big deal-breaker for his wife.

The solution put forward by the man’s friend was for him to drink Medina tea. He says all men should know this plant, it is better than any drug one could take, including the popular Viagra. This sparked interest and later research.

Medina, also known as Chaney Root and God Bush is an herb most commonly to Caribbean folklore and most prevalent in Jamaica.

Medina Tea

It is most commonly used as an aphrodisiac that boosts the sex drive (especially in men) and increases their virility. Many boast of instant relief from problems in the bedroom after using Medina.
The plant is mainly found in the wild and is grown all year round in the tropical climate.

Due to its high iron content, it is a good way to combat anemia and low blood count.

It is also popularly used to eliminate the symptoms of a cold, fever and even gas.

Some old ‘hand-me-down’ remedies are also used to treat hernias, rid the body of toxic substances and increase bowel movement.

The leaves of the Medina plant are used to make herbal tea which is believed to greatly improve the stamina of men who consume it.

The tea is made by gathering sufficient Medina leaves and boiling them for a few minutes before straining it and then sweetening the tea to taste.

The Medina herb is also used as an ingredient in many homemade tonics, whose formulas have been handed down from ‘ole time’ Jamaicans.

Manufacturing companies have also joined the fray by also producing a number of widely distributed tonics that also feature Medina as a key ingredient.

This plant which is a natural Viagra and a sensational cleanser is the solution to one of the oldest problems known to man – their virility.

A good friend of mine once said, that he knows it is time to die when he loses his potency, but thanks to Medina, he may not need to experience that and at the same time he gets to benefit from all the other healthy perks to be derived from using this plant.