Health Benefits Of Consuming Sencha Tea‏


Health Benefits Of Consuming Sencha Tea‏

tava-4-pack-plainWe have all heard about tea and its many health benefits with most of these teas coming out of China. But Japan actually has teas that are beneficial to us too, one of those teas is Sencha tea. Tea is one of the most consumed beverage in Japan, in fact, it is a part of their food culture.


Tea was introduced to Japan from China during the seventeenth (17th) century and have been extremely popular since then.


Sencha tea, a popular Japanese green tea Sencha means simmered tea because the tea is actually made from dried leaves.


Sencha is known for its bittersweet taste and have a greenish golden color. The tea can be consumed as a hot or cold beverage depending on the type of season, during processing the tea is steamed to prevent the leaves from oxidizing unlike other teas, they are rolled, shaped, dried and have a unique cylindrical shape.


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Sencha tea has countless health benefits and is said to be similar to that of the Chinese green tea, it is enriched with powerful anti-oxidants, tannin, caffeine, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin C and amino acid.


This nutritious tea is proven to treat and prevent many health conditions, it is one of the best options for weight loss as it increases the body’s metabolism rate.


green-tick  It controls blood sugar levels thus making it an excellent choice for diabetics.

green-tick  Prevents heart diseases.

green-tick  Aging and wrinkling of the skin.

green-tick  Prevents a variety of cancers because it contains anti-oxidant that kills cancer cells.

green-tick  Prevents coronary artery disease.

green-tick  Atheroslerosis.

green-tick  Promotes skin care like treats or prevents acne.

green-tick  Protects the teeth from plaque build up in the process protecting it from cavities.

green-tick  Protects the gums from diseases like gingivitis.

green-tick  Works as a mouth wash as regular consumption freshens the breath.

green-tick  It strengthens the immune system and protects the body from cold, influenza (flu) and other viruses

that affects the immune system.

green-tick  Lowers high blood pressure.

green-tick  Reduce cholesterol.

green-tick  Prevent stoke.

green-tick  Calm the nerves.

green-tick  Can be used in cooking.


Although the tea has so many health benefits, because it contains caffeine the side effects are mostly based on that, over consumption might cause a number of side effects like anxiety, hypertension, dizziness, headaches, frequent urination, caffeine also causes miscarriage or birth defects, so it must be avoided by pregnant women.


Sencha tea is prepared by adding one teaspoon to eight (8) ounces of boiling water over tea leaves and let it steep for about two minutes, a good tea to be a part of your daily diet, it can be purchased on the teas official website