Health benefits of Peppermint Tea‏

On a hot or cold day or when you have time to unwind and relax or feeling stressed, having a cup of tea can soothe all the tension, but not just any tea, peppermint tea.

Herbal teas can provide countless health benefits and peppermint tea is just one of them.

Peppermint tea is a tisane (infusion) of peppermint.  It is sometimes called mint tea and is caffeine free. It is a hybrid mint which basically means it comes from two plants, watermint and spearmint.

Peppermint can be found in Central and South Europe. The leaves of the peppermint are dark green in colour with reddish veins but purple and whorl-like when it blooms around the stem and have a menthol content.

Peppermint is popularly used in teas, tooth-paste, ice-cream, sweets and cosmetics.

The tea is known for its numerous health benefits, consuming it can get rid of digestive gas, it also treats the common colds and influenza (flu), lessen menstrual cramps and aids the body in breaking down gall stones.


Peppermint is always known as a refreshing and soothing tea and is popularly used medically.

It was once known as a “folklore medicine”, and is also known to treat stomach upsets, sinus problems, headaches, the scent of the peppermint is known to clear nasal congestion just by inhaling it.

The main ingredient in peppermint, which is menthol have an anti-spasmodic effect which explains why it relieves stomach upset quickly, the tea fights bacterial infections because of its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-septic content.

In a study conducted by researchers, it states that consuming peppermint tea is good for students and drivers because it keeps them alert. The tea also aids in the prevention or treatment of halitosis (bad breath).

It contains healthy vitamins, such as vitamin B and minerals like potassium and calcium. Peppermint tea is available worldwide in supermarkets or health food stores.

It can be consumed hot or cold but better benefits can be achieved when the tea is drank before retiring to bed.

Peppermint tea like any other medicine have its pros and cons, this beverage can have a negative effect on sexual functions in both men and women.

In the end the tea is nutritious and refreshing and can be drank everyday.