The Countless Health Benefits Of Consuming Cerasee Tea‏

Growing up, this is what I’ve always heard “cerasee is good for your blood”, Cerasee tea (pronounced sir-see in Jamaican dialect), makes everyone including adults, not to mention children, fear it, all because of its bitterness.

Although known for its bitter flavour and an aroma that would make you turn away, cerasee tea is popularly known across the world and many people have consumed it, because in the end, it’s an excellent herb for your blood which gives you a beautiful skin and is good for your overall health because of its many benefits.

Cerasee Tea‏

Cerasee tea, also known as Jamaica Cerasee tea is one of the most consumed herb, in fact, it is been used daily for a variety of health benefits, and I personally can tell that it definitely works.

The vine is grown all over Jamaica and other parts of the world, it is easy to grow and can be done in your own backyard garden.

Native to Africa, the tea was introduced to Brazil by African slaves and gained entry in Latin America and the West Indies.

Cerasee tea is known all over the world as a blood cleanser, it is an excellent source of calcium, iron, carotene, phosphorous, vitamin C and vitamin A. Consumed two to three times weekly, cerasee tea is known to protect your body from cold, influenza (flu), jaundice, headache, stomach pains, fever and constipation.

Cerasee can both be used as an herb or vegetable, it is used in China in various dishes because of its bitterness.

The vine is known to treat hypertension, worms and diabetes while the leaves are used to treat urinary tract infections, even the fruit can be eaten and is also very bitter.

Cerasee tea is readily available today in supermarkets or health food stores because it can be found in tea bags.

This special tea increases your energy by getting rid of harmful toxins in your body.

The tea can be consumed as a hot or cold beverage and is simply prepared by steeping a tea bag in a cup of water for a few minutes, a sweetener of your choice can be used for a better taste, some people drink the tea without added sweeteners, the leaves or stem itself can be boiled too. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.