The Health Benefits Of Consuming Brussels Sprouts‏

Brussels sprouts, a small vegetable similar to cabbage with leafy small green buds, a vegetable low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Brussels sprouts belong to the Brassicaceae family same as the cruciferous vegetable family and is related to kale, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, it is touted as an excellent source of fibre, protein and is low in calories.

Brussels sprouts are said to have been originated in Belgium but it is still unclear but is said to have gotten its name from a place in Belgium named Brussels , a delicious and nutritious vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals to help the body stay healthy and make you live longer.

Brussel sprouts

This wonderful vegetable is a good source of vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper and a host of anti-oxidants. Consuming this vegetable will protect the body from a variety health conditions.

Health Benefits Of Brussels Sprouts:-

Brussels sprouts with its excellent source of fibre is beneficial for the body in many ways, especially for women who are pregnant because folic acid helps to prevent neural birth defects, what makes it better is that it also helps lower cholesterol and prevents the risk of many diseases like stroke, heart disease, heart attack and diabetes.

It is also good for the eyes and protects it from diseases like cataracts, it is also known to strengthen the immune system thus protecting the body from infections and keeps the bones healthy and strong.

Brussels sprouts are an excellent vegetable for obesity and the many people who wants to lose weight fibre rich foods helps you to eat less and control hunger, it even protects the body from various cancers like prostate, lung, colon, breast, ovarian and bladder cancer, maintains a healthy skin and protects the teeth and gums from cavities and disease like gingivitis, prevents constipation and aids digestion.

Studies have also shown that Brussels sprouts prevents hypertension and protects the reproductive organs.

Although not like by many because of probably its bitter taste, it is still a good choice of vegetable to be a part of your daily diet, during preparation, it must be steamed because overcooking may reduce most of its vitamins, and can be added to salads or pasta dishes.