The Health Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil‏

Grape seed oil, as the name suggests is oil extracted from grape seeds that is normally used to make wine, the oil extracted is used for cooking and as an ingredient in cosmetics. Grape seed is commonly used as an ingredient to control oily skin and as a lubricant for shaving.

Grape seed oil is a rich source of vitamin D, vitamin C, protein, copper, selenium, linoleic acid (omega-6), flavanoids, vitamin E, polyphenols and is a good choice to be a part of the diet.


It also contains anti-allergic, antihistamine and antimicrobial properties, with that said grape seed oil when consumed is known to prevent ageing, strengthens the immune system, promotes healthy hair growth, eye diseases like cataract, also beneficial for the treatment of arthritis, wrinkles, acne, dermatitis, weight loss, prevents diabetes, heart disease, age spots, stretch marks, varicose veins, studies have also shown that it reduces the risk of cancer and regulates blood pressure.

Grape seed oil production began in the fifteenth (15th) century and is still ongoing in recent times. Plants have been used for years for medicinal purposes and as an ingredient in cosmetics.


Grape seed oil can be used as a massage oil and is a popular ingredient in lip balms as it is used to treat chaffed lips, it is found in soaps and bath oils too.

Grape seed oil is commonly used by individuals across the world especially chefs because it is low in saturated fat, an oil that is odorless but tasty and can be found in capsule form and is very inexpensive unlike most oils.

As a cooking oil, it is used to sautee, grilling and frying. Grapes have always been known for its numerous health benefits and was touted as a “magical” fruit.


Grape seed oil is increasingly becoming popular, an oil used daily because it is in many products and can also be added to moisturizers for a beautiful glowing skin.