The Health Benefits Of Mint (Mentha Piperita)‏

Mint, one of the healthiest plants used as an herb, that was introduced on this earth, with its pleasant aroma and a soothing delicious taste that you can have at any time of the day, and can also be found in various types.

During the 1700s to the eighteenth (18) century, mint was known as a very important herb, a plant that is available all year round and is easily grown, it can be done anywhere in your backyard garden or around the house, the leaves and stems are used for medicinal and culinary purposes.

Mint - Mentha Piperita

Derived from a nymph named Minthe a character in Greek mythology mint is still popularly used today and can be found in a variety of products an used as a home remedy for various ailments.

Mint is popularly known to

  • Prevent the formation of gas in the digestive system
  • Treat fevers, cold and influenza (flu)
  • Alleviates headache
  • Reduces menstrual pains
  • Freshens the breath
  • The leaves are dried and used to whiten the teeth
  • Cleanse the blood
  • Protects the body from cancerous cells
  • Treats problems of the respiratory system
  • Relieve heartburn
  • Treat or prevent skin conditions like acne
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Treat chest pains
  • Use as a pest repellant
  • Calm the nerves because of its soothing properties

Mint can be described as having a square stem and simple, opposite, toothed green leaves that slope downwards with a rounded base and hairiness on both the upper and low surfaces and small flowers.

Mint is an excellent source of magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, riboflavin, folic acid, powerful anti-oxidants and is low in calories.

It is popularly used in toothpaste, bath- soap, medicine, cosmetics, mouthwash, tea, beverage, used as a garnish in dishes, found in ice-cream, cakes, chocolate and candies.

The most common types of mint are spearmint, peppermint and swiss mint just to name a few as there are many more.

Mint is the herb to have as a plant, it is beneficial for lots of illnesses, the scent of this wonderful plant when boiled can be used as an inhaler as it is known to clear congestion.

Mint can be found in tea bags too in supermarkets.