The Health Benefits Of Peas‏

When you think about peas the first thing that comes to mind is rice and peas, one of the most popular dish in the world, especially in the Caribbean, nothing but some nice rice and peas on a Sunday afternoon and is one of many dishes served in restaurants also in the Caribbean.

A dish that is consumed so often one might not stop to think how beneficial it is.

Its main ingredient, peas, is the most common used vegetable and many people do not know that this little tiny thing can protect or prevent many health conditions, and as they say, the best things always comes in small packages.


This little tiny pea is packed with nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants. Peas are low in calories which makes it even better for people who wants to lose weight and it is also a rich source of fibre which makes it more special, fibre rich foods are excellent for weight loss because it helps you to feel full and thus eat less.

Pea is enriched with niacin, protein, vitamin K, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acid. A vegetable belonging to the Leguminosae family and is eaten cooked and was probably originated in South Western Asia and is used mostly in soups, porridge, mixed with other foods like rice just to name a few.

When consumed peas is known to *Prevent anaemia

  • Prevents a variety of cancers like somach cancer
  • It boosts the energy levels and strengthens the immune system, in the process ward of a number of infections
  • Protection from alzheimer’s
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Prevents constipation
  • Promote strong healthy bones and protects it from diseases like osteoporosis
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Protects the heart from diseases
  • Prevents arthritis
  • Protects the body from ageing

Peas can be found in many varieties like “green peas”, raw peas contains about 80% water. Peas also prevents diabetes, heart failure, depression and insomnia.

Peas is especially important for pregnant and breast feeding women because of its richness in the essential vitamins and minerals.

Next time you take up that plate of rice and peas, think about all the illnesses you are preventing in the process.