The Health Benefits Of Prunes‏

Fruits comes in different sizes, shapes, colours, textures and taste and prunes are one of those fruits that have a weird look but with lots of benefits.

I’ve always heard that prunes are an excellent remedy for preventing and treating constipation and is often used by adults to ease this discomfort and have been given to children too.

But what exactly is prune and why is it so beneficial?

Prunes, a very nutritious, delicious fruit that have a sweet taste but sticky in texture, prunes are in fact dried plums, that are winkled and is black in Colour and this should definitely be a part of your diet.

The drying of plums was originated thousands of years ago close to the Caspian Sea in Europe and have long been used in China for its medicinal purposes.

Prunes Fruit

It is popularly known in China to improve the appetite but it can also reduce it as well.

Prunes are a rich source of fiber, potassium, ant-oxidants, vitamin A, vitamin k, beta-carotene, protein, calcium, magnesium, copper, folate, phosphorus it is low in calories and contains no fat.

Prune is an excellent source of fibre and with that said, it is a good choice to be a part of your diet plan, if you want to lose or just maintain a healthy weight.

Its high fibre content will make you feel full and thus make you eat less and in the process helps to regulate blood sugar levels and lowers insulin.

Prune is also popularly known for

  • Prevent or treats constipation
  • Prevents various cancers like colon and breast cancer
  • Prevents hemorrhoids
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Studies have also shown that this little wrinkled fruit prevents heart disease
  • Treats allergies
  • Relieves stomach flu
  • Treats problems of the digestive system
  • Controls blood pressure levels
  • Prevents or treats type 11 diabetes
  • Prevents osteoporosis
  • Prevents ageing and maintains a healthy skin
  • Protects the bones from diseases
  • Strengthens the immune system

Prunes are also used to make juice and in many dishes as well and is being eaten as dessert, many people have also used it in tea.

Prunes aren’t the best looking type of fruits in the world but the ugliest things are always the sweetest and healthiest.