The Numerous Health Benefits of Consuming Dandelion Tea‏

Dandelion, one of the many herb known for its numerous health benefits.

Dandelion is a perennial (existing for a long time) herbaceous plant with long leaves that have sharp teeth, it has been used for medicinal purposes since the eighteenth (18th) century when Chinese practitioners used it for a number of illnesses when consumed as tea.

Dandelion tea is packed with many vitamins and minerals and all parts of this herb have its own purpose. Dandelion was described as an “excellent tonic” and consumption of the tea is the way to achieve its benefits.

Dandelion tea was used by the Chinese to treat digestive disorders, appendicitis and breast problems in women such as the lack of milk flow after childbirth.

The tea is also known to treat heartburn, it can be used as a coffee substitute for those who want to cease from consuming that beverage, it is beneficial in treating high blood pressure, liver disorders and poor digestion and also known to cleanse the liver and kidney.


Dandelion tea is easily accessible as it can be found in tea bags, on cracked sidewalks and gardens, an excellent herbal medicine that can be found and grown anywhere.

Even though all parts of this special herb are useful, it is the root of the dandelion that is used mostly for medicinal purposes as it is said to have the most health benefits.

The leaves, flowers and roots are edible and have a slight bitter flavour and is considered safe medically but nevertheless, you must always ensure to consult with a doctor first before consuming any herb especially if you are on other medications and pregnant or nursing women.

Every part of the dandelion is a good source of antioxidants which prevents free radicals from damaging the body.

The root of the dandelion when used as a tea is known to relieve constipation, detox your body among other remedies.

Dandelion tea is very delicious and nutritious with a refreshing taste, when prepared, sweeteners like honey or sugar can be added, it is a healthy option for anyone, it has even been mentioned on a popular television talk shows like Dr Oz. Dandelion is an excellent source of potassium and as many of you may know this helps to keep blood pressure levels down and reduces the risks of getting a stroke, it also contains iron, calcium, magnesium and a good source of protein.

Dandelion has been consumed for thousands of years and is known to also treat anemia, scurvy, blood disorders and depression.

With so many health benefits, one could just make dandelion tea a part of their daily diet.