Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant

It has been, said that The Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant is named after Sir David Attenborough a naturalist and broadcaster. 

It is a giant carnivorous plant that reaches 4 feet 9 inches in length and 11.8 inches in diameter.

The plant is capable of capturing and digesting small animals including rodents. 

However, although the plant can absorb small animals, it poses no threats to humans.

Attenborough's Pitcher Plant

According to historical information, the plant was discovered by two researchers who were on a two monthly expedition to catalogue the various species of pitcher plant that are, found across the Philippine.

There is no documented information as to how long the Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant live. 

However, some home growers suggest they had the plant for between  15 – 20 years. 

Some people believe that it is not how long the plant can live, but the care that is put, into looking after it.