The Health Benefits of Beetroots

Beetroot is your liver’s friend, the beta cyanin in beetroot can help detox your liver, having a knock-on effect in your bloodstream, by helping the body to eliminate toxins and potentially preventing the build-up of fatty deposits.

So if you have found yourself ‘over-indulging’, adding some raw beet-root or beet-root juice to your diet can help you recover.

Beetroot Juice Can Prevent Strokes & Heart Attacks

Beetroot juice has been shown to reduce high blood pressure. It affects an estimated 25% of the world’s adult population and is a significant factor in coronary heart disease and strokes.


Researchers at Barts’ Hospital (London) and the London School Of Medicine found that drinking 500ml of beet-root juice a day can significantly reduce high blood pressure, for over 24 hours after drinking.

Whilst most of us wouldn’t fancy a pint of red stuff every morning, the research gives us a very big hint that including at least some beet-root in our diet on a daily basis will be good for us.

Beetroot is a super storehouse of both Vitamin C and iron, which is great for your body, the roots are good source of many other vitamins and minerals including folic acid phosphorous, magnesium and B6

Beetroot is good for pregnant women since it is a source of B vitamin folate which helps in the development of the infant’s spinal column. Deficiency of folate could lead to the condition called neural tube defect.

Studies revealed that beet-root  is good in preventing colon cancer, as it contains the pigment betacyaninis, which counteracts cancer. Nitrates used in meats as preservatives, cause the production of nitrosamines compounds in the body resulting in cancer.

Studies reveal that beet juice inhibits the cell mutations caused by these compounds. Researchers in Hungary have also discovered that beet juice and its powdered form slows down tumor development.