Benefits of Pu’erh Tea

Pu’erh tea, a large leaf variety of the tea plant Camelilia Sinesis and is known for a variety of health benefits.

Pu’erh tea, one of China‘s most popular tea, “puer” pronounced “poo-er”, the “poo” rhymes with the English word “you” and the “er” is pronounced like the “er” in the word “ergonomics”. Puer is the official spelling named after Puer City in Yunnan, China.

Pu’erh tea, for over 2000 years have been praised for its preventative and curative properties, known to many as the “wonder tonic”, this tea have long been used for medicinal purposes.

Pu’erh is hand picked from old and ancient large-leaf tea trees that grow high in the misty mountains of Yunnan China. Studies have shown that the tea may lower cholesterol, blood pressure and boost metabolism, and is popularly known to be consumed after heavy meals.

Pu’erh Tea

Pu’erh tea can be added to your diet as a healthy tea especially for those who wants to lose weight as it have been known to be very effective in the weight loss process because of the high level of caffeine in it.

Pu’erh tea have been used in Chinese medicine for many generations and is claim to promote blood circulation, improve vision and remove toxins from the body.

Researchers have proven that the tea attack free radicals in the body and protect connective tissues.

Consuming pu-erh tea is a great way to eliminate free radicals within the body, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, fight cancer, and possibly look a little younger as time progresses.

Pu’erh is said to be suitable for all ages and the tea is frequently purchased to aid in weight loss and to combat the ill effects of excessive alcohol consumption as the tea is known to help you overcome hangovers.

Pu’erh have dark reddish black leaves, praised for its medicinal purposes and is an excellent healthy beverage that contains antioxidants and other substances that protects the body.

Doctors advised that people who suffer from certain health conditions like anxiety, osteoporosis, eye disease like glaucoma and heart condition should not consume the tea or do so in moderation because the tea contains caffeine that can cause serious side effects like headaches.

Overall, it is always necessary to speak with a health care provider before taking any dietary supplement because as you know our bodies are different and so we respond to things differently.

Nevertheless pu’erh tea is an excellent tea to have as apart of your diet, consuming 2-3 cups daily will show great improvements to your daily life.