Benefits of Spring Onions

Spring onions, a very popular vegetable that comes in many varieties, white, yellow and red. Spring onions are basically young onions before the bulb is enlarged.

Spring onion, is said to have been around since pre-historic times and was originated in the Far East.

They were grown in Ancient Egypt and arrived in Rome eventually and was known as the word onion from the word “unio” which means “large pearl” as time passed by the word developed into onion.

Spring onions are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B2, thiamine and vitamin K, with so many healthy vitamins, minerals and natural compounds, spring onions is an excellent choice for your diet.


The vegetable is known to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, controls blood sugar, fight against cold and influenza (flu), relieve digestive discomfort, reduce and control blood pressure levels because of its high sulfur content and high amounts of sulfur can provide a variety of health benefits and is also low in calories.

Spring onions have been used in Chinese traditional medicines and also contains pectin, which aids in the prevention of cancers, the well known vegetable protects the skin from wrinkling and good for the treatment of asthma and arthritis.

Onions are used everyday around the world in various dishes, many people have little or no idea about its health benefits, it is nutritious and a very excellent vegetable to choose for a healthier lifestyle.