How to get bigger chest

A fit and perfect shaped body is desired by all men and majority of them also wish to have a big chest.  The right type of diet along with right exercise can help one to get a bigger chest.

Bench press exercise like push ups and barbell or dumbbell bench press helps one to get the desired results.

Weighted dips or bench dips also prove to be very helpful for getting bigger chest.


While planning their exercise routine, one should include variety of presses and dips in the chest workout and also do the workout for 1 to 2 days in a week.  

Keeping the chest flyes for the beginning or the end of the workout session also proves to be helpful and one should keep a log of their training.

While exercising for bigger chest an important point to be considered is that one should not overstrain as doing too much of exercise will not help as the muscles of chest need to rest and recover so that they can grow.

Three major things that can prove to be an obstacle in your goal of having bigger chest are bad nutrition, bad form and not getting stronger.

In order to avoid bad nutrition one should consume right quantity and type of calories and drink lots of water.