Breadnut Health Benefits

Breadnut (genus Brosimum), also called milk tree or Ramon, prolific trees closely related to the breadfruit.

Breadnut is a round green fruit that has short, dull regular spikes covering the skin. Inside, the white nuts covered by brown shells (when ripe) are surrounded by white pulp, which is eaten when shredded like cabbage and braised.

Breadnut is in the fig family (Moraceae). It was the staple food for pre Hispanic cultures throughout the neo-tropics, who protected it as a source of food.


In addition, the nut attracted their favorite game species (deer, wild pigs, large forest rodents). In recent history, thousands of villages survived drought, war and famine by eating breadnut when no other food was available.

Breadnut is an ideal staple and famine food due to its abundance, ease of harvest and processing, and its exceptional storage, nutritional, and culinary qualities.

One particular health advantage of breadnut would be that the fruit is fiber rich. A single serving consists of 10.8 g of the nutrient. Dietary fiber provides several health advantages: it will help encourage satisfied, assists in digestion of food and may even help in reducing your levels of cholesterol.

Breadnut is very low in protein, as 1 cup consists of only 2.35 g. Even though protein provides particular health advantages, consuming a low-protein diet will be helpful in some instances.

An excessive amount of protein may possibly place a stress on your liver as well as kidneys, for those times you have liver or even kidney difficulties, breadnut is really a low-protein choice to use in your daily diet.

Omega 3 essential fatty acids are believed to be an important component for optimal health and wellness.

Frequent usage of omega 3 that contains foods can easily control and sustain healthy and balanced levels of cholesterol, reinforce as well as build-up your bones, encourage mental health by reduction of the likelihood of bipolar problems as well as consuming problems, and also increase your skin as well as get rid of acne breakouts and also spots in a natural manner.

Breadnuts contain essential Vitamins and antioxidants, such as xanthin, which work to protect the body from the debilitating attacks of bacterial and viral agents. Moreover, they also prevent free radical substances from damaging the body’s cells.

Last, Breadnuts contain a sizeable quantity of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates utilized as simple sugars (such as fructose and glucose) by the body are readily used to enhance the energy generation process in the body.