Campomanesia xanthocarpa – Gabiroba

Campomanesia xanthocarpa, commonly known as Gabiroba is a semi-deciduous tree with a tall, dense, pyramid-shaped crown, ranging in height from 14 to 65ft.

The grooved bole can be 12 – 19 inches in diameter.

The edible fruits are, much appreciated within the plant’s native range, where it is, gathered from the wild and also cultivated in home gardens and orchard.

It is a plant of hot, dry areas in the tropics and subtropics. The plant is frost tolerant.

Succeeds in full sun and dappled shade and grows well in poor soils.

The plants have a moderate rate of growth.

The wood is slightly dense, hard, compact and of excellent durability. It is, used for making floorboards, musical instruments and tool handle.

The wood is, also used for making charcoal