Cape Sundew

The Cape sundew, scientific name Drosera capensis, is a small rosette carnivorous species of perennial sundew that is native to the Cape in South Africa.

Cape sundews are so easy to grow, they are often considered a weed.

In New Zealand, they are considered an invasive species.

The Cape Sundews do not need a dormant period.

Therefore, it can be kept inside on a windowsill so one can enjoy their beauty all year round.




Drosera capensis are available in a few different forms, and all are easy to look after.

Cape Sundew needs to be watered often to keep the soil from drying out.

The plant loves wet, waterlogged soil, and you can fill their watering tray once a day that is all the maintenance they need.

However, remember to use reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Cape Sundew catches flies in its sticky stems, making it a fascinating house plant.

The plant needs to eat to survive and gets nourishment from the insects it captures.