Dragon Arum – Dracunculus vulgaris

Dragon arum, Scientific name: Dracunculus vulgaris is a species of aroid in the genus Dracunculus and is, known by various names such as dragon lily, the voodoo lily, the snake lily, the stink lily, the black dragon, the black lily, dragonwort, and ragons.

The Dragon Lily, Dragon Arum or Snake Lily, is a breath-taking plant that is native to the Balkans.

In Greece, the plant is, referred to as Drakondia, where the long spadix, is viewed as a little dragon hiding in the spathes.

Dragon Arum - Dracunculus vulgaris

There, is an abundance of finger-like leaves with narrow lobes which are sometimes spotted silver that adds to the overall tropical feel of this plant.

Despite the appearance, Dracunculus Vulgaris doesn’t mind half sun and is hardly ever cold.

For around two to three days during the flowering period, the Dragon Lily is said to produce a foul odour which is, often compared to an overpowering seashell smell.

The Dracunculus is a one-of-a-kind showstopper.

The Dragon Arum is classified as a novelty plant to grow in the garden.

It has purple-spotted stems that reach up to 3ft, which are topped by sinister, dark purple flowers with a more profound purple spike.

In full bloom, it is glorious and is, surrounded by clouds of droning flies.

In autumn or spring, plant the tubers sink 6in deep in well-drained, humus-rich soil that doesn’t dry out in summer.