Grapefruit and its health benefits

Grapefruit, a large round yellow citrus fruit, an acid juicy pulp with a sweet and sour taste that is almost addicting.

It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, which is not only good for weight loss but also contains many anti-cancer agents that help fights a host of diseases.

Grapefruit, rich in vitamin c, which is needed to support the immune system and helps reduce cold symptoms is readily available in large amounts and very popular.

For those of us who drink liquor socially in Jamaica and the Caribbean, rum and ting is a refreshing drink, with Ting soda being made from grapefruit extract.  Avid rum and ting drinkers are lowering their cholesterol without knowing it. 


Discovered in Barbados in 1750 and named “the forbidden fruit of Barbados”.  In the eighteenth century travelers reported about a miraculous citrus found in Jamaica but it was not a popular fruit because of its bitter acidic flavour.

The leaves were used as decoration in those times. It is called a grapefruit because it grows in clusters like grapes. The taste of the grapefruit is bitter and sour but can provide the body with good source of minerals and vitamins.

Grapefruits come in three colors, yellow, pink and red describing the flesh. The red, the color that enhances a man’s attractiveness, provides the most benefits for men.

It is said to prevent prostate problems in men and has been hailed as a natural viagra to help men with erectile dysfunction.

In the same way that each part of the body has a different strength or purpose, each part of the grapefruit provides a different benefit.

The seed extract is commonly used as an anti-fungal remedy, rubbed on the skin can also be beneficial in treating acne and oily skin.

It is also said that the pulp of the grapefruit is also an excellent treatment for urinary tract infections because of its acidic nature.