Health benefits of Blackthorn or Sloe

Blackthorn or sloe scientific name Prunus Spinosa is a low, spreading, thorny bush or small tree of the plum family Rosaceae.

It is among other important species, such as apple, apricot, blackberry, pear, and prune.

It has black bark, white flowers, and dark blue fruits, which are usually acrid and not larger than peas.

The plum is native to Europe, northern Africa and western Asia. It is, naturalised in eastern North America, New Zealand and Tasmania.


Although there are safety concerns, it is, said that people take blackthorn flower to treat colds, breathing conditions, cough, fluid retention, general exhaustion, upset stomach, kidney and bladder problems, and constipation.

Blackthorn berry is, also used as a mouth rinse for mild sore throat and mouth.

The syrup and wine of the blackthorn berry are, used for emptying the bowels and increasing urine production to relieve fluid retention.

A marmalade made from the berries is, used for an upset stomach.

The flower of Blackthorn berry has been known to help in the process of retention of fluid while at the same time beneficial in treating issues such as kidney stones.

It also helps in prevention against numerous stomach cramps and relieves health issues such as nerve pain.