Health Benefits of Bullock’s Heart – Annona reticulata

Bullock’s Heart Scientific Name Annona reticulata is generally thought to be native of the West Indies.

Bullock’s heart prefers warm and tropical climates with low lying, deep and fertile soil.

It is, also called by other names such a custard apple, Jamaican Apple, Sweetsop and Netted Custard Apple.

Annona reticulata have nutrients such as vitamin C, carbohydrate, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, Vitamin B, iron, potassium, dietary fibre, magnesium, protein and others.

It is used to treat cold, fever, stress, anxiety, diarrhoea, dysentery, and other health ailments.


It is believed to possess anti-inflammatory, vermifuge, astringent, tonic, analgesic, anthelmintic, wound healing, antipyretic and cytotoxic properties.

Bullock’s heart helps to enhance the immune system, maintains skin health and repairs cuts and wounds.

Because it is rich in potassium, it helps to balance electrolyte and promotes the growth of muscles.

This fruit is very beneficial to health. It is rich in Vitamin C and riboflavin. It helps to eliminate the free radicals from the body.

Additionally, Bullock’s heart maintains eye health and enhances eyesight.

Bullock’s Heart is a small, erect, semi-deciduous or semi-evergreen tree reaching. Leaves are distichous, alternate, coriaceous.

Its bark is light brown the inner bark is yellow. The fruit is ovoid to cordate and smooth.

Bullock’s Heart usually is heart shaped with reddish brown or red colour and thin or tight skin.

The flesh is white or cream that bears 50 to 75, oblong and smooth seeds.

The fleshy part of the fruit has a sweet and pleasant flavour.