Health Benefits of Citron

Citron fruit, also known as Citrus medica, is a large citrus fruit.

The citron plant is typically a small shrub or tree that reaches between eight and 15 feet tall.

The citron tree has irregular branches and bright green leaves with a distinct lemon scent.

The fruit itself has skin ranging in colour from green to yellow-orange.

It has a very thick, leathery rind with minimal amounts of flesh, which sets it apart from other citrus fruits.

Citron fruit have a rough exterior and is, often coloured like a lemon.


The shape can vary widely, depending on the cultivar, and other factors like climate.

Unlike most citrus fruits, for example, lemons and oranges, there is a minimal amount of juice in a citron, because most of the inner pulp is dry.

The white rind, however, is what most people seek out for culinary uses, because of the rich nutrient composition.

The health benefits of citron include its ability to reduce the risk of cancer, support weight loss efforts, reduce blood pressure, lower acidity in the gut, soothe pain and strengthen the immune system, among others.

Citron fruit is, widely used in many types of Asian cuisine, citron fruit is also a common ingredient in many fragrances and medicines.

Because of the unique flavour of the rind, it is often candied and added to foods like teas, marmalades and fruitcakes.