Health Benefits of Engkala – Litsea Garciae

Engkala, Scientific Name Litsea Garciae is an evergreen tree growing up to 85 feet tall.

The trunk can be 24 inches in diameter. The tree is, harvested from the wild for its edible fruit.

Litsea garciae is a tree that is native to regions such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines; it is classified under the flowering plant family Lauraceae.


Engkala additionally refers to the tree’s fruit which is ovate containing a single seed.

They have thin pink or red skinned and fleshy body.

The plant is, usually cultivated for its edible fruit which has a similar flavour to that of avocado.

Engkala, about 100g as 104 calories; the same amount includes 7mg of Calcium, 0.5 mg of Iron, 17 mg of Magnesium, 26mg of Phosphorus, 355mg of Potassium.

It is also used to treat muscular pains, sprained ankles and knees, skin disease and blood in stools.

The leaves, barks and fruits extracts of Litsea. garciae were, tested for its nutritional value antioxidant and antibacterial.