Health Benefits of Giant granadilla – Passiflora quadrangularis

Giant granadilla Scientific name, Passiflora quadrangularis also known as Giant Tumbo or Badea.

The fruit is cultured in various regions of India.

Giant granadilla belongs to passiflora genus it has a sweetly lime smell, green coloured thin skin and smooth fleshy appearance from the inside.

The favourable season for the fruit is between July to October.

The fruits taste similar to pears but with the tinge of mild sweetness, mellow and lightly acidic flavour.

The raw flesh of the fruit is used to prepare salads, desserts, canned syrups, Jellies and wine.


The pulp and arils are eaten together with sugar and shaved ice; pie filling is, also prepared from the same combination.

This fruit has a slight pear or melon-like flavour, and it’s very soothing, relaxing, and helps with stress.

Granadilla helps with insomnia, nervousness, asthma, bronchitis, diarrhoea, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, helps with emotional upsets, headaches, stomachaches, GI tract pain, poor digestion, also prevents scurvy, and includes other health benefits.

Giant granadilla is, mainly consumed as a fruit.

However, due to its nutritional content, it has medicinal uses as well. A great combination, for exotic deserts.

It is, also used in the preparation of canned syrups and juices.

Fruits extraction is, used in cold drinks. Its flavour is, also used in wine preparation.