Health Benefits of Maqui berry

The Maqui berry known scientifically as Aristotelia chilensisis the highest antioxidant content of any fruit in 500mg capsules; it is suitable for weight management and blood sugar control.

The antioxidants found in the Maqui berry have the potential to reduce dry eye symptoms.

The antioxidant compounds that are in maqui berry help to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood.


An average daily intake of maqui berries or the berry juice is better for cardiovascular health.

Interestingly, consumption of maqui berries or their fluid causes a significant increase of insulin in the body.

Maqui berry is purple coloured and found in the Patagonia region of South America, in particular, central to southern Chile.

They have been used extensively for centuries by the natives.

The fruit is delicate and gets bruised easily, which makes it difficult to transport from the place of origin to markets around the world.

So, this may be one reason you do not see the fresh fruit in supermarkets.

Compounds found in Maqui berry are known to have excellent natural anti-inflammatory properties they can help treat almost every form of chronic disease from heart disease to arthritis, diabetes and cancer.

These antioxidants also help prevent cholesterol from being oxidised in the body which reduces the risk of heart disease like atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.