Health Benefits of Musk Cucumber | Cassabanana

Musk Cucumber Scientific Name Sicana odorifera, also called Cassabanana It is a large, herbaceous perennial vine native to tropical South America, grown as an ornamental plant and for its sweet edible fruit.

Musk Cucumber is highly rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, iron and Dietary Fibre.

The Health benefits of Musk Cucumber includes, improves digestive health, improves skin health, reduce cholesterol level and Cassabanana helps to prevent cancer.


The other health benefits of Musk Cucumber include, Boost Your Immune System, Improves Cardiovascular Health, Helps in Preventing the Risk of Diabetes, Improves Eyes Health, Lower the Cholesterol Level, Helps in Weight Loss, Prevent the Risk of Anemia, Promote Skin Health, Removes Anxiety and Stress, Lower Inflammation and Detoxify Your Body.

Cassabanana is, frequently cut and eaten raw, with or without sugar.

When it is immature, it can be, used as a vegetable, added to soups and stews or paired with fish.

The natural product is, sliced down the middle and the majority of the organic product is, utilised.

It is also used to make jellies and preserves. Musk Cucumber will keep for several months if kept dry and out of the sun.

Slices of Musk Cucumbers can be refrigerated for several days.