Health benefits of Oolong Tea

Tea, consumed worldwide daily and is known to be the world’s favourite beverage, some not knowing of the various health benefits that a cup can offer when consumed regularly.

Oolong tea, just hearing the name, you don’t have to ask, to which country is it from? The tea is a traditional Chinese tea with countless health benefits.

Developed in the 19th century, the tea is known for its delicious taste and sweet aroma.

Oolong tea is often green and floral and is popularly served in Chinese restuarants. The tea have many health benefits and just from its smell and taste you wouldn’t resist having a cup of this nutritious tea.

Oolong tea, named after its creator have a unique and distinctive characteristic with a history as far as one thousand years ago.

Consumed regularly, the tea offers various medicinal benefits, it is known to reduce cholesterol, aids in the prevention of heart disease and digestive disorders.


It is claimed to strengthen the immune system and gives you stronger bones.

For all the people who want to lose weight, oolong is the right choice for you as it is a good dietary supplement for weight loss, a study in 2009 conducted by researchers concluded that the consumption of oolong tea could improve fat metabolism and aids in the reduction of body fat, it is also an excellent source of antioxidant, antioxidants are protective chemicals which prevent free radicals from damaging the body.

Oolong tea also treats various skin conditions like eczema and atopic dermatitis, a study in 2003 conducted by researchers also indicates that drinking the tea may prevent diabetes, tooth decay and strengthens the enamel.

Like all teas, oolong tea is apart of the tea plant ‘Camelilia Sinesis’. The name oolong meaning ‘black dragon’ in Chinese because of its twisted leaf forms.

Oolong tea is a very healthy and delicious tea, in the 19th Century Oolong tea was given to the queen of England by the British Ambassador to China, the Queen of England described it as an ‘Oriental Beauty’.

The difference with oolong tea and others teas is that it is less oxidized, the leaves are plucked and kept in a hygienic setting.

Oolong tea have a darker, more richer flavour than most teas, anyone who loves tea will love oolong. The tea contains caffeine which stimulates the nervous system, heart and muscles.

The tea comes in many varieties and is normally harvested during the spring season.

Everything healthy and unhealthy have its side effects, oolong tea is known for its numerous health benefits but should be taken in moderation because of caffeine present in the tea, caffeine may be good for weight loss but can also cause upset stomach, over consumption can also lead to ‘Beriberi’ because the tea interferes with thiamine absorption.

Oolong tea is no exception when it comes to health, an excellent tea to be apart of your daily diet.