Health Benefits of Red Angled Tampoi – Baccaurea angulata

Red Angled Tampoi Scientific Name Baccaurea angulata also called Wild Carambola, is the fruit of Euphorbiaceae family which is native to Borneo.

The fruit is edible which is also made into pickles, jams or added to various dishes.

Red Angled Tampoi is a medium-sized tree which prefers moist, well-drained and fertile loamy soils.

The tree grows up to 30.37 feet in height. The fruit is, obovoid, angled and star-shaped. The fruit has a thick skin with white flesh.

The Tampoi, fruit looks like mini-orange with smooth skin.


The tree takes about three years to fully grown, and it usually flowers near the end of the year.

It is a seasonal fruit that is only available between January and March.

Tampoi has a very thick skin, but it’s effortless to peel it into half to reveal the yellow pulp inside.

Baccaurea angulata is an excellent source of copper which provides anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to lower the symptoms of arthritis. Copper is an aid for arthritis. Water which is, stored in a copper container helps to strengthen the muscular system when consumed in the morning. It increases the metabolism to perform daily functions.

Red Angled Tampoi is an excellent source of iron, zinc copper and, manganese.

It is, also packed with various amounts of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and others which are beneficial to the health.

Some of the health benefits are, assist growth, hair and eyes pigmentation, bone health, absorb vitamins, muscle function and regulates body temperature.