Health benefits of Satsumas

The satsuma orange, a variety of the Mandarin orange is  delicious, seedless, and easy to peel, is a wonderful snack this antioxidant-rich treat has health benefits, too.

It is a good source of fiber and has a low glycemic index. Of course, it’s also bursting with vitamin C, a single satsuma can provide nearly half your daily allowance.

The vitamins and minerals help prevent hair loss, strengthen the hair and nails, improve the texture and quality of the skin. These nutrients help improve memory and the ability to concentrate.

Calories in Satsuma orange being low.


the fruit can be included in any type of weight loss diet. There is much to cheer about when you integrate the sunny tastes of citrus fruit into a healthy diet.

They prevent constipation,  vitamins B stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid. They promote the breakdown of fat and proteins.

Satsumas are high in potassium which is necessary for smooth muscle contraction, heart function, digestive health, etc.

It is rich in calcium, vitamin A, iron and copper. Copper promotes proper utilization of iron in the body and helps maintain bone health, thyroid function. It protects the blood vessels from rupturing, and also protects the nerves.