Lavender oil Health Benefits

Lavender oil, one of the most popular oil in the world and can described as oil extracted by distillation from the flower spikes of certain species of lavender and is popularly used as an antiseptic and pain reliever.

 Lavender oil contains antiseptic, anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-tumoral

Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory anticonvulsant, vasodilating, antispasmodic and vermifuge properties which is beneficial for health and well being.

Lavender oil is known for its fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing.

Lavender Oil

The benefits of this oil are endless and it treats any ailment, lavender oil is known to treat insomnia, problems that affect the respiratory system, hypertension (high blood pressure), treats skin problems like acne, dermatitis and psoriasis. It lowers high cholesterol, treats hair loss and burns.

  • To prevent dandruff, add a few drops to the water of your final hair rinse or sprinkle some onto your hairbrush.
  • Treat minor cuts, bites, strains and bruises by adding a few drops to a bowl of water, soaking a cloth and pressing it over the affected area.
  • Treat spots and pimples by dabbing them morning and night.
  • Make an after-shampoo rinse for dull and oily hair with a jug of mineral water, a few drops of lavender oil and the juice of a lemon. Leave to infuse for 30 minutes before use.
  • Experts recommend making an herbal tea by mixing 2 drops of lavender oil with 1 teaspoon of agave syrup or honey, and add it to a teacup of warm water, or adding a drop or two to juice or milk.
  • It can be diffused or inhaled directly for aromatherapy.
  • Babies benefit alot from lavender oil too because of its calming properties. Manufacturers of baby products like bath soap, shampoo, and lotion have added lavender fragrance to their products to leverage its benefits.
  • Lavender oil with its diuretic properties increases urination and thus prevents infections.

Lavender oil is no doubt an oil to be around the house or as carrier oil; you may never know which ailment you will want to alleviate.