Russian Caravan Tea

With obesity being so rampant in recent times many people are trying to lose weight drastically.

There are a lot of people who do not know which weight loss method to choose, some have tried various exercise and diet plans that just don’t work, but why don’t you try this for a change, herbal tea for an effective weight loss, guarantee to make you lose weight fast but not just any herbal tea for that matter, Russian Caravan tea.

And since herbal teas are typically decaffeinated, they can be used as a late night treat or in between drinking caffeinated teas, it seems losing those excess pounds could be as easy as sitting back and drinking tea all day.

Russian Caravan

You don’t even need to surf the internet or take a trip to Chinatown to get hold of this slimming tea, it is widely available in supermarkets and health food stores.

Russian Caravan is a blend of oolong, keemun, and lapsang souchong teas, all produced from Camellia sinensis the Chinese tea plant which all aids in weight loss so this combination is the way to go.

And we all know that everything that the Chinese produce is always an excellent choice.

Russian Caravan received its name from the 19th century, when the tea was transported by camel caravans from China to Russia.

This tea is the perfect black tea for tea lovers and those who desire to lose weight.

It is described as an aromatic and full-bodied tea with a sweet, malty taste.

This special blend of tea not only helps with weight loss but is also known to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure thus promoting a healthy heart, consuming the tea also aids in the prevention of tooth decay, gives you stronger bones and a healthy looking skin by protecting it from aging, wrinkling and other skin issues.

Russian Caravan tea was the most important drink after vodka in Russia and even to this day a cup of this imperial elixir is well worth any journey, a tasty tea that can be found in the form of tea bags and needs no added sweeteners.