The Benefits of Lemon Grass To Your Health

Lemongrass, popularly known as “fever grass”, a plant with thin, long leaves, native to India and other areas of the Asian continent and Caribbean countries including Jamaica.

Fever grass as it is commonly known have a variety of health benefits and have also been used in several dishes, like fish, soups, curry, seafood and poultry but is widely known for its tea.

The name fever grass came about because of it is used traditionally to relieve fever as well as sore throat, alleviate muscle spasms, abdominal pain, headaches, joint pains, stomach ache and regulates blood circulation.

Fever grass is rich in vitamin A which is helpful for the skin and eyes, it is also helpful for menopausal women because it reduces hot flashes, in fact, it can lessen the symptoms of menopause overall.

Lemon Grass

Fever grass is usually consumed as a hot beverage (tea), water is added to the grass and left to boil for a couple minutes then sweeteners (sugar or honey) are added to taste and can also be enjoyed with ice.

Fever grass is the Jamaican name for the herb that many people know as lemon grass which is hanged sometimes by many individuals in their houses as air freshener, the grass is grown wild in Jamaica and is being described as a very tasty, delicious and nutritious tea with a bit of lemon flavour.

Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Israel discovered that it is also helpful in preventing cancer, treats the common cold and cough, asthma, nausea and menstrual cramps.

As with any other herb, it must be taken in moderation. Who could have known that so many health benefits could derive from one herb? The benefits are endless, with only a few calories and no cholesterol, fever grass is the right one for you, with the numerous health benefits, essential oils, chemicals, minerals and vitamins.

Fever grass is definitely a healthy way to go but as all of us know, everything healthy or unhealthy has its side effects so it is always the right thing to consult a doctor especially pregnant women.

Fever grass should not be taken in excess as it is also known to lower blood sugar so caution is advised in persons with diabetes.

Fever grass can be grown in your own backyard garden because it is easy to grow, it is claimed to be a good detoxifier for the body especially some parts including the liver, kidneys, bladder and digestive tract.

Fever grass finds a place in traditional medicine because of its innumerable properties.