The Health Benefits of Brahmi Oil

Brahmi, also referred to as Indian pennywort and Bacopa monnieri, has been used since ancient times as an Ayurvedic medicine because the two primary alkaloids it is composed of are brahmine and herpestine.

Brahmi oil (better known as Gotu Kola), is a regenerative herb that has been used for thousands of years as a medicine.

Its oil is renowned oil used worldwide and is popular mainly because of its memory boosting properties.

In fact, this extracted oil is very beneficial and can be used to treat a number of different ailments.

Brahmi Herb Oil

Brahmi oil or Indian pennywort oil has a great capability of improving the effectiveness of our brain, making it more alert, sharp and accurate.

This herbal oil relaxes your senses and puts your body and mind at ease, by taking away all your worries and bodily pain.

This herbal oil is also useful in improving the condition of your scalp.

It is anti-dandruff oil which will eradicate the signs of dandruff from your scalp if used regularly.

Brahmi oil should ideally be applied on a nightly basis prior to bed for optimum results.

It also proves very effective in curing dry scalp conditions like dandruff of course and flaky skin.

Brahmi oil is also used by many manufacturers to make hair treatment products, conditioners, and anti-dandruff and dry hair shampoos.

Brahmi oil is also useful in treating the condition of epilepsy.

Brahmi oil is used as one of the major ingredients in preparing medicines to treat epilepsy and other related disorders.

Brahmi oil when massaged onto tender or swollen joints, caused either due to rheumatism or sprain, helps to give relief from the pain experienced.

Brahmi oil must only be used in the recommended dosage and always under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner especially if pregnant or breastfeeding and should not be used on children although considered safe.