The Health Benefits of Buchu Tea

Buchu (Agathosma Betulina) is a traditional healing herb native to Southern Africa and is used to treat many health conditions.

Tea has been used for centuries because of its medicinal benefits and buchu tea is one such tea.

Buchu is a small, green, woody plant, its leaves contain many medicinal properties and are known for its peppermint aroma that increases as they are dried and is touted as South Africa’s best-known medicinal plant.

It is enriched with vitamins A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E, as well as minerals and powerful antioxidants like flavonoids.

Buchu Tea

It also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antispasmodic properties, and provides relief from premenstrual cramping and bloating.

Buchu is a natural diuretic and has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a natural weight management supplement, so to all those who are struggling to lose or just want to maintain a healthy weight, buchu tea is the one to have to lose all the excess weight or maintain a healthy body.

Buchu tea is a natural diuretic and is commonly used as a stomach tonic, a treatment for inflammation, kidney, and even urinary tract infections.

The anti-inflammatory properties of buchu tea help to alleviate the aches and pains that are associated with gout, arthritis, and rheumatism.

This adventurous tea was also the first recorded treatment for cholera and is used to treat sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea.

An excellent detoxifier, it helps to rid the body of any excess water.

It is beneficial for digestion, impotence and low sperm count.

It is known to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Buchu tea is also mixed with other herbs to alleviate coughs, colds, and hangovers.

Buchu tea is free of caffeine, is 100% natural, can be found in the form of tea bags, and should not be consumed by pregnant women, because it may cause uterine contraction.